Bed Bugs

How safe are you and your loved ones this holiday season, from Bed Bugs? The holiday season generates a lot of traffic in and out of the home. The transportation rate of Bed Bugs during these winter months and holiday times are at an all time high.

That guest or guests that just entered into your home, has bug activity at their home. Now they have come into your safe, pest free environment. That person or persons has taken at least one, if not all of these items off at your house:  coat(s), hat(s), scarf(s) and glove(s). These items were hung up or laid on your furniture (bed(s), couch(s), chair(s) etc. That Bed Bug or Bed Bugs has made its way off of the clothing and into your home to settle, mate and lay eggs. One female Bed Bug is capable of laying 1 – 12 eggs per day.

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