Trying to prevent pest infestation is critical. Just one pest can have a significant financial impact on your business. JH Pestaway can customize any plan to fit your business needs. At JH Pestaway, our full inspection can identify:

  • the type of pest

  • the entry points used by pests to enter into your business

  • water and food sources that can support pests and make attractive breeding grounds

  • breeding grounds such as cracks and crevices

At the end of our inspection we will develop a pest management program that meets your specific needs. We service customers in a wide variety of industries and tailor our programs to fit the different environments we face every day. Do not hesitate, get your quote now and experience the JH Pestaway difference today!


We service the following commercial properties:

  • Warehouses – Warehouses present unique challenges for combatting pest control due to the storage and movement of goods. The JH Pestaway Warehouse Protection Program provides a comprehensive inspection of your location to understand the type of products stored, location of the facilities and how shipments are received in order to identify the critical control points. We will develop a customized and comprehensive pest management program that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

  • Restaurants and Supermarkets – A high quality pest control program is critical and just a single pest can tarnish a restaurant’s brand and reputation. At JH Pestaway, we will design and deliver a custom program specifically tailored to your business’ needs to make sure that you stay in compliance.

  • Hospitality – It takes just one bed bug or infested hotel room to create a decline in revenue. We use professional grade products and methods to ensure your facilities are pest-free.

  • Office Buildings and Property Management – No two properties are alike and we look at each building’s unique characteristics in order to create a specific pest control plan to protect you from pests and the damage that they can cause.

At JH Pestaway, we understand that time is precious and pest prevention is critical. We pride ourselves on our efficiency, accuracy and professionalism.


Don’t wait…Call us today and experience the JH Pestaway solution to your pest issues. “Your Pest, Our Problem”.

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